Donation system updated

HuggiesHuggies Administrator Level 2
edited March 2018 in All About JeRO
Hi players, we have updated the donation sections to allow more immediately transaction of credits to your account when you donated.

1) If your registered email in JeRO is different from your PayPal account; (setup new account in paypal)
As long you log in to your JeRO control panel with the JeRO registered email, make sure its your profile's account. When you click donate button from "",  it will proceed to PayPal for donations with your JeRO registered email. Therefore it will auto-credit to your account base on the amount you have donated. The synch will be an immediate effect. (it will update and override your previous email if you happened to have multiple email accounts)

2) If your registered email in JeRO is the same as PayPal account; (default)
It will work the same as before. The synch will be an immediate effect.

3) If you didn't log in to JeRO at all and using your PayPal account to donate;
Please private message any GM in the forum, so we can fix a time and check your donations from PayPal before we can credit to your account in JeRO. Take note this method will take longer to process as GM will be free in the evening time around 9 pm onward - GMT +8.


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